Adesiv was set up in 1971 with the goal of producing adhesives for various industrial sectors (construction, wood, footwear, stationery, various laminated products). Year after year, the Adesiv's unfailing commitment to research has resulted in products with the level of quality, respect for the environment and reputation that has given the company a leading position among adhesives used for a huge range of industrial sectors.


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Lipici, adezivi si aplicatoare /  Lacuri /  glues for wood flooring /  glues for textile flooring /  GLUES /  adhesives for artificial turf /  varnish for wooden floors /  adhesives for resilient floors /  levelling agents /  cement underlayer coating /  varnish for sports use /  paints /  primer /  adhesives for shoe factories /  glues and sealants /  adhesives for leather goods /  water paints /  insulating paint / 

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