Using just a few sentences and a few pictures, we would like to give you a somewhat better understanding of our services and how we operate. What began in 1990 as a cylindrical grinding machine can today, as a precision cylindrical grinding machine, carry out not only cylindrical but also surface, profile, thread and non-cylindrical grinding. We manufacture individual components, prototypes and series of one to over 40, 000 or so pieces. We do everything. Our customers are active in the following areas: Mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, the packaging industry, automation, gearbox production, hydraulics, antifriction bearing manufacture, etc. A huge variety of materials are processed by us. For example, steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, tungsten, titanium, glass, rubber, carbide, CFRP composites, etc. For instance, extraordinary work can be done with: Mould cores made from tungsten with dia. 0.4 mm. Probes for medical technology, dia. 0.5 with recess to dia. 0.3/0.2 wide. M2.5 +/- 10MY thread gauge for the clock and watchmaking industry. Non-cylindrical injection moulding cores, dia. 302 x 905 lengthways with taper action.


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