Soy products Soy beans, which are often also called soya, have been known for centuries as a food plant that naturally has many valuable properties, such as a high protein content, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Soy is free from gluten, cholesterol and lactose. Due to the high proportion of dietary fibre, the soybeans and their products are used in many areas of the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. EFOS GmbH offers a wide range of soy products that have not been genetically modified. Soy isolate – soy isolate is an egg white that is derived from the soybeans – the plant-based alternative egg-white powder. It has over 90% protein content and an optimum amino acid profile. The soy isolate that is supplied by Efos GmbH is rigorously controlled – from cultivation through to the end products – and is 100% free from genetic modification. Soy protein concentrate is made of non-genetically modified soybeans (NON-GMO).


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