La GTM France is a specialist in inductive heat treatment for steel bars and tubes, and offer their own options for further processing, e.g. peeling systems for the production of bright steel. Dimension range: Lengths of up to 15 m. Diameters of between 10 mm and 354 mm. We also offer services such as: Conventional heat treatment with gas furnaces, annealing, stress relieving annealing and GKZ annealing as well as straightening, thread cutting, thread rolling, forging, sawing and demagnetisation. We develop individual solutions and adapt to customer requirements in terms of mechanical values and lead and delivery times. Another of La GTM France's areas of business is the sub-brand Filtaro, which offers anchoring systems such as threaded rods, anchors and pre-stressed bars. All of our products can be manufactured with a length of up to 16 metres and a diameter of between 10 mm to 354 mm. With more than 25 years of research and experience in the field of civil engineering, La GTM France has made a name for itself as a supplier internationally.


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Otel /  Tije filetate /  Engineering steel /  annealing /  Contracted straightening /  quality steel /  Steel, alloyed /  Steel, micro-alloyed /  Hydraulic engineering /  Steel processing /  Anchor rods (tie rods) /  Drive shafts for cars /  Duplex steel, stainless /  Fine-grain structural steel /  Annealing furnaces for steel /  Heat treatment shops /  Contract sawmills for metals /  Project planning for structural and civil engineering /  Machining of steel rods /  Pre-stressed anchors /  Tie rod systems for support structures /  Bright steel /  stainless steel /  spring steel /  Camshafts /  Bar steel /  steel pipes /  Contracted quenching and tempering /  building construction /  Rod steel / 

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