M.A.M. makes prefabricated wood-fired ovens, gas ovens, combination and rotary ovens for pizzas, ovens for institutions and individuals. The latest arrival in its vast range of ovens: the NAPOLI oven with mosaic covering and dome, and the CUBO oven for domestic use at home and in the garden, also available in a gas version.


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Cuptoare cu lemn profesionale /  Brutarie, patiserie, productie de biscuiti, produse de cofetarie - instalatii si materiale /  pizza ovens /  prefabricated wood-fired ovens /  gas ovens for pizzerias /  ovens for pizzerias /  1-door rotary oven /  Combined ovens /  2-door rotary oven /  PURIFIER /  professional gas ovens for commercial use /  kitchen oven /  ovens /  gas ovens /  ovens for pizzerias /  wood ovens for pizzerias /  wood oven /  convection oven /  fixed deck ovens /  tunnel ovens /  rack ovens /  garden stoves /  ventilated electric static ovens /  supplies for pizzerias / 

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