Leading company in the plastic objects sector: all types of hanging rails, shoe racks, belt racks, tie racks, scarf racks, clothes hangers, plastic cases and labels, theft prevention plates, security systems for products in display cases. Any shapes created to order and from drawings.


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Imbracaminte - furnituri /  hangers for children's clothes /  hangers for infant clothes /  plastic clothes hangers /  anti-shoplifting cases for dvd and video games /  CLIPS /  scarf rings /  outdoor clothing /  anti-theft label for glasses /  theft prevention security /  anti-theft plastic labels and enclosures /  price support label /  price support labels /  plastic boxer hanger /  underwear hanger /  robe hooks /  CLAMPS /  security articles, equipment and systems /  safety articles /  anti-shoplifting systems /  lingerie holders /  hooks /  size markers /  sock hangers /  ready-made hangers /  clothing accessories / 

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