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  • Georg Maschinentechnik specialises in ball retainer automatic stamping machines and forging presses. Our range of products also includes mechanical and hydraulic presses for sheet metal forming, as...
    Furnizor de: transfer presses | Prese hidraulice | eccentric presses | forging presses | burring presses
  • Furnizor de: transfer presses | Prese industriale pentru metale | presses for padding | mechanical presses for forming metals | replacement press parts
  • Furnizor de: transfer presses | Prese industriale pentru metale | Matritarea otelurilor si metalelor | knee presses | machine tools for sheet metal work
  • Furnizor de: transfer presses | Masini-unelte pentru matritare | mechanical presses for forming metals
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    Bagno A Ripoli - ITALIA
    Furnizor de: transfer presses | Prese industriale pentru metale
  • ...presses from 630 to 25, 000 kN, KAISER servo presses from 1000 to 25, 000 kN, high-speed presses from 630 to 4000 kN, 2D and 3D transfer systems with linear drives, KWV roll feed devices, fully automatic tool changing systems.
    Furnizor de: transfer moulding presses, transfer presses | large panel transfer presses | Masini-unelte pentru modelarea metalelor | Masini-unelte pentru prelucrarea metalelor - piese si accesorii | Masini-unelte - prelucrarea metalelor
  • ...of precision deep-drawn parts on multiple die transfer presses, and currently employs more than 100 workers. We manufacture made-to-order parts and assemblies in line with customer...
    Furnizor de: Ambalare | deep-drawn metal parts | cases | deep-drawn parts | pharmaceutical primary packaging
  • ...cutting machine (transfer) 8 standard presses (transfer and heat transfer applications) 6 carousel Top Fusing Machine (Triple station, hydraulic Pressure) 1 serigraphy 1 automatic cutter 11...
    Furnizor de: Haine de lucru
  • ...product through to virtually every type of portioning, and from manual or automatic loading into trays with subsequent weight checking right up to transferring the finished portions to the packaging machine.
    Furnizor de: Macelarii - masini si materiale | machinery for slaughterhouses | meat cutters | industrial refrigeration | shaping machines for the food industry
  • Furnizor de: Tuburi si tevi din cauciuc
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