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  • We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la...
    Furnizor de: textile packaging | Ambalaje din plastic | Ambalaje flexibile | packaging films | labels
  • ...towels and serviettes, advertising, golf, bar towels for merchandising. Company produces: weaving, finishes, dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery, dressmaking, packaging and textile accessories: zip fasteners, labels.
    Furnizor de: Prosoape si prosoape de baie | surf board covers | felt ponchos for the beach | beach towels | sublimation printed surf board covers
  • ...185x91 sheets and polyamide/spandex T-shirts with UV 50 protection. We implement: weaving, finishes, dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery, dressmaking, packaging and textile accessories: zip fasteners, eyelets, laces, labels.
    Furnizor de: Cuverturi, cuverturi de pat, plapumi din puf | Perdele | wool rugs | sheet manufacturer | bed linen sets
  • ...ready-to-wear, luxury, professional, promotional, maternity clothing and house linen. Production: weaving, finishes, dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery, dressmaking, packaging and textile accessories: zips, labels.
    Furnizor de: Haine pentru sugari | Esarfe | work jackets | face flannels | manufacturer of cotton polo shirts
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  • The world's smallest micro colour-codes Secutag®, developed by 3S, protect products, packaging, textiles, documents and data against counterfeiting.
    Furnizor de: Marcare - produse diverse | Controlul securitatii in industrie | Etichete si ace de siguranta | decalcomania | barcodes
  • ...used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, printing, textile, packaging and domestic appliance industries are modified with our equipment before they undergo further processing.
    Furnizor de: Masini pentru finisarea suprafetelor | Verificarea suprafetelor | medium-frequency generators | plasma generators | plasma treatment
  • Furnizor de: Saci din material plastic | Servetele de unica folosinta | bags on a roll | recycled plastic bags | manufacture of polyethylene bags
  • ...the automotive and packaging industries. SONOTRONIC NAGEL GMBH is active in the following sectors: Plastics processing industry, food processing industry, textile industry and environmental industry.
    Furnizor de: Aparate de decupat cu ultrasunete | Sudarea materialelor plastice - utilaje | ultrasound welding | ultrasonic components | hot plate welding machines
  • ...of ecological raw materials; an individual product range; support for the development of quilted products, cushions or custom products; labels and packaging specified by you; and individual sales support.
    Furnizor de: Pene, puf si umpluturi diverse | quilts | cushions | natural fibres | pillows
  • ...paper processing, food processing, tyre production, rubber processing, poultry and meat processing, textile cutting, medical and surgical specialties, plastic cutting and recycling and many more.
    Furnizor de: Cutite industriale | knives | cutlery | perforator knives | serrated knives
  • ...6 m and weight range of 80–4000 g/m². To individually refine and package the non-woven fabrics, Polyvlies has various techniques at its disposal which provide the customer with a high degree of flexibility.
    Furnizor de: Panza netesuta | felts for technical applications | composite non-woven fabrics | glass fibre non-woven fabrics | glass non-woven fabrics
  • Neugart is a family-owned company among gearbox manufacturers. Founded in 1928, Neugart remains in family hands, now in the fourth generation. Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes...
    Furnizor de: Transmisii mecanice si componente | transmission gears | epicyclic reduction gears | industrial reducers | right angle gearbox
  • Furnizor de: Aparate de decupat cu ultrasunete | Sisteme ultrasunete - Transformarea plasticului
  • Furnizor de: Motoreductoare | Ambreiaje
  • Furnizor de: packaging | textile | Confectii pentru femei
  • Furnizor de: Finisarea produselor textile | packaging | rugby jerseys | soccer jerseys | textile industry
  • Furnizor de: Textile - import-export | packaging | Imbracaminte pentru sugari si copii | dressing gowns | wholesale work apparel
  • Furnizor de: Import-export - textile si imbracaminte | packaging | export
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